AMI Montessori Orientation (3-6 yrs)
(AMI Teaching Assistant Certificate Course)

This course trains adults who are interested in becoming assistant teachers in a Montessori school, as well as helping parents to understand the Montessori principles in-depth and apply the approaches at home. 

Through this course, you will:
  • Understand the Montessori principles and guidelines that should underpin activities that we set up for children in any area
  • Learn to observe and know when and how to intervene (not interfere): “any unnecessary help is a hindrance to development” 

  • Understand the Montessori concept of Freedom and Discipline and help children to achieve self-discipline
  • For teachers - acquire the essential skills to support the lead teacher in the classroom 
  • For parents - gain the ability to set up the right home environment and guide children to become independent at home 

Other than the scheduled live sessions with the AMI trainers, the course participant will also have access to videos, reading materials as well as guidance on material makings.

Participants must achieve at least 90% class (Live Sessions) attendance and accomplish all required assignments including material making and an observation exercise to obtain the AMI Teaching Assistant (3-6) certificate. 

Total workload : 60 hours. Including
  • 36 hours of live sessions

  • 24 hours of individual works

Nov 15, 2021 to Dec 3, 2021
Every Monday to Thursday 
7 - 10 pm (SG time GMT+8)

Live Session Themes

Mon, Nov 15
  • Orientation
Tue, Nov 16
  • Four planes (part 1)
Wed, Nov 17
Thur, Nov 18
Mon, Nov 22
Tue, Nov 23
  • Role of the Adult
  • INTRODUCTION TO Observation, Observation exerciseS  
Wed, Nov 24
  • Spoken language introduction
  • Stories, Poems, Songs, books, conversation, News period
Thur, Nov 25
  • Social Development
  • Grace and Courtesy - link to errors and their corrections and Social development
Mon, Nov 29
  • Three Period lesson
  • Sound Game
  • Oral Question Game
  • Classified pictures Art for a child & art in the class
Tue, Nov 30
  • Freedom and discipline
  • Outdoor Environment 
Wed, Dec 1
  • Re-cap of the Role of the Adult
  • Group Discussion on Errors and their correction 
Thur, Dec 2
  • Final round of questions 
  • Reflections and closing

Pavithra Rajagopalan

Ms. Pavithra Rajagopalan has worked with children for the last 20 years in formal, non-formal and informal settings. 

She is an AMI* Trainer. After gaining her AMI primary diploma In 2005, she worked in Montessori schools in India, the US and New Zealand. She has also worked to understand other systems and schools of thought in relation to child development. 

Pavithra is part of the Training Team at RTI India and helps on the courses in China and Singapore.  

(Association Montessori Internationale) was constituted in 1929 in the Netherlands, by Maria Montessori herself, and remained to be the sole Montessori organisation founded by Montessori herself. AMI continue to maintain and develop her pedagogy with the purpose of making it available to as many children as possible worldwide.