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Montessori at Home (3-6 yrs old)




This inspirational online course aims to bring parents and caregivers (grandparents, nannies) insights and practical advice on how Montessori can be applied at home, and how to raise an independent, curious and self-disciplined child.

During this 10-hr course, you will:
  • Learn Montessori principles and apply them effectively in a home environment
  • Understand the developmental needs of your children and help them to maximise their potential at the critical stage of development
  • Know how to react and talk to your child under special situations, e.g. in a tantrum, during a playdate
  • Learn how to create spaces around the home that suit the children’s development

The course consists of ten live sessions, each will be 1 hour long, conducted by an experienced AMI trainer - the most credible and highly sought after Montessori trainers in the world. 

A certificate of participation will be issued for participants with 90% of class participation. 

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Live Sessions Scheduled: 

Feb 16, 2021 - Mar 18, 2021
Every Tuesday and Thursday
11 am to 12 noon (GMT+8)

Course Content

Five major topics will be covered over five weeks. 

Tuesday sessions will introduce theory and concepts, while Thursday sessions will focus on practical applications of these concepts. 

Questionnaires will be sent out prior to the introduction of new concepts to capture your questions and interests, which can also be addressed during the live sessions.  
  • Week 1.     Basic Montessori: theories of development focusing on 2.5-6 yr old
  • Week 2.    Observations: how to observe, learn when to, and when not to intervene (not interfere)
  • Wk 2&3.    Discipline and freedom: how to help the child achieve self-discipline and inner satisfaction
  • Week 4.    Art of language and power of role models: learn when, how and what to say (and not to say)
  • Week 5.    Practical life activities at home and learn how to set up an age appropriate home environment

Pavithra Rajagopalan

Ms. Pavithra Rajagopalan has worked with children for the last 20 years in a formal, non-formal and informal setting. 

She is an AMI* Trainer (AMI stands for the Association Montessori Internationale). After gaining her AMI Primary diploma in 2005, she worked in Montessori schools in India, the USA and New Zealand. She has also worked to understand other systems and schools of thought in relation to child development.
Pavithra is part of the Training Team at RTI and helps on the courses in Bombay and Chandigarh. 

*AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) was constituted in 1929 in the Netherlands, by Maria Montessori herself, and remained to be the sole Montessori organisation founded by Montessori herself. AMI continue to maintain and develop her pedagogy with the purpose of making it available to as many children as possible worldwide.